How do I claim a Salon on AirSalon

Once you log in to AirSalon, search for your Salon using the search functionality and click "Claim Listing" on the business page.

Can I report a review / Can a Review be removed

If you wish to report a review, you will need to send a request through to the AirSalon Team via the contact link or select the Report Review button.

How can I upgrade to a Business account?

To upgrade to a Business account so that you can claim ownership for a listing or create a new listing, you can either create a new account and tick the "Are you registering as a business?" box, or, use the Contact form to request your account be upgraded and a site administrator will assist as soon as possible.

What happens to a review once submitted to AirSalon

All reviews must be approved by AirSalon before they will be accepted.  Once a review has been submitted, each review will be screened to ensure it meets AirSalons Terms and Conditions.


If approved, the review will be posted on the Salons Review page.


If a review is determined by AirSalon as not meeting its Terms and Conditions, AirSalon will notify the user via email.

How can I advertise on AirSalon

To enquire about advertising opportunities, please contact the AirSalon Team via the contact link

How do I update my Salons Profile

Log in to AirSalon and select Dashboard from the menu bar.  From here you can manage your listings, upgrade to a paid plan, claim a listing that already exists or create a new listing entirely.

How do I update my user profile

Select My Account in the top Menu Bar and then select the Edit button.  From here you will be able to update your User Name, Password, Email Address, Profile Picture, Time Zone, Age and Postcode.

How do I request a Salon be removed from AirSalon

To request for a Salon be removed from AirSalon, send a request through to the AirSalon Team via the contact link.


The request must include your contact details and information regarding the reason for removing the business. 


AirSalon will review submission and action appropriately.

A service my Salon offers is not listed in the services selection

If your Salon offers a service which isn’t listed in your business profile, send a request through to the AirSalon Team via the contact link.  The AirSalon Team will review the request and update the selection if required.